The lectures and practicals are controlled by me. Labs may also have a demnstrator hired by the school to help me. Should I be ill and unable to attend, Neil Urquhart may be approached for advice.

This structure and other information should be considered a draft. All this is subject to change without notice until it is presented in a lecture.

As an aid for students I have video presentations covering some of the lecture material. This is not exaustive, and I will not be preparing such material for all lectures. It is not a replacement for attenting the University. However you may find it useful.

WeekSubjectSlidesExtra Material
2Introduction/Linux basicsPPT PDF Using Linuxzoo Video
Slides Video: flash / mp4
The module, the tutorials, the lecturers. Basic linux.
3Users, Permissions, Processes, PipesPPT PDF Slides Video: flash / mp4
UID, GID, passwd, devices, chmod, link
4Basic Administration ConceptsPPT PDF Slides Video: flash / mp4
Booting, Disks and Partitions, user management
5NetworkingPPT PDF -
Network configuration, ethernet, ip, and routes
6Firewalls + SecurityPPT PDF -
iptables, input filtering, egress filtering
7DNSPPT PDF Slides Video: flash / mp4
Domain Name Service
8Essential ApachePPT PDF Slides Video: flash / mp4
Intro to configuration, mod_rewrite
9Reading Week SessionPPT PDF -
Practical exam guide, formal exam tutorial
10Using ApachePPT PDF Slides Video: flash / mp4
Basic Authentication, Log Analysis, Security
*** The Class Test runs in this practical slot.
11EmailPPT PDF -
SMTP, Linux Email, Spam
12HackingPPT PDF Slides Video: flash / mp4
Hacking techniques, DNS Cache Poisoning,
13Lecture catchup + revision - -
Revision + Catchup Presentations
*** Practical Test Essay Resit Deadline.
14-15Formal Exam -