Dr Gordon Russell

Those who can, do; those who can't, teach...

It has probably never been true, but it is certainly not true today. Academia is fast moving, requiring constant knowledge updating. Students expect a demonstration of practical knowledge too. Plus teaching is just a small corner of a University. We work with industry, run industrial projects, develop new tools, and research into the future direction of the field. On top of that is a requirement to manage staff, and produce the reports and perform the other administrative duties typically found in all large companies...

Gordon is involved on a range of advanced topics, leading and managing the school's academic domain of computer systems and networking, as well as excellent group of lecturing staff. He is also heavily into distance learning provisions, and our postgraduate security course has also gained GCHQ approval.

Research-wise, Gordon's is currently focused on computer forensics environments, cloud-based technologies, security, and pedagogy.

Gordon is also well versed in software development, and runs a range of online systems such as http://linuxzoo.net, which provides online users with an integrated learning environment and access to cloud-based virtual machines. He has also worked with industry on a range of products, build using a variety of platforms, ranging from JavaScript to Perl.

Specialties: ethical hacking, computer and network security, computer forensics, virtualisation, databases, SQL, online applications, and networked technologies.

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