The lectures and practicals are shared between myself (GR) and Robert Ludwiniack (RL). See the annotations on the teaching plan for how the course is split up.

This structure and other information should be considered a draft. All this is subject to change without notice until it is presented in a lecture.

2Introduction/Linux basics (GR)PPT PDFSlides Video: flash
Linuxzoo Video: flash
The module, the tutorials, the lecturers. Basic linux.
3Users, Permissions, Processes, Pipes (GR)PPT PDFSlides Video: flash / mp4
UID, GID, passwd, devices, chmod, link
4Basic Administration Concepts (GR)PPT PDFSlides Video: flash / mp4
Booting, Disks and Partitions, user management
5Basic Apache and Log analysis (GR)PPT PDFSlides Video: flash / mp4
Web server configuration and log files
6Hacking, Security, and Metadata (GR)PPT PDFSlides Video: flash / mp4
Hacking examples and methodologies, plus information trust
7Introduction to Forensics (RL)PPT PDFSlides Video: flash / mp4
Basic introduction
*** The Linux Class Test runs in this practical slot.
8Storage Devices and File Systems (RL)PPT PDF Slides Video: flash / mp4
9Partition information and File Metadata (RL)PPT PDF Slides Video: flash / mp4
Indepth analysis of disk structures
10Web browsing forensics (RL)PPT PDF Slides Video: flash / mp4
Consider a user's web browsing actions
11Disk forensics and triage(Bill Buchanan)PDF Video
Disk forensics and triage
12Windows Registry + Timeline (RL)PPT PDF -
See how Window's stores program data.
13Case Study (RL) Interactive Demo -
A lecturer-driven case study walkthrough
*** Linux Practical Test Essay Resit Deadline.
14Forensic report due -